Two Great Brew Pubs In Tucson, Arizona

Let’s face it, for your dad or grandfather, drinking mass produced beer was the thing to do, and everybody did it for decades. But for most people that have tried micro-brewed beers, there is no going back to the watered down stuff. So there has to be places around town to get some India Pale Ale, Stout, Amber Ale or Golden Wheat beer and enjoy the company and intelligent conversation of the new generation. In Tucson, Arizona there are plenty of brew pubs where fine hand crafted beers are sold. Some are restaurants while others have pool tables and games as well. Here are a couple of the most popular in Tucson.

The Barrio Brewing Company

This great brew pub has about a dozen house brand micro brews to choose from. There are old standbys and seasonal brews that will entice you come back over and over again. When you read the online reviews you’ll note that the food is raved about quite a bit, they have great burgers and pretzels in addition to the fantastic beers on tap.

There is a large shuffleboard game that seems to have a following of people that come regularly and the place is always busy starting in the early afternoon and going on into the night. There are lots of TVs throughout the pub so if you’re there to watch the game you’ll have no trouble sipping your amber ale and seeing several TV’s from any point in the pub.

In the online reviews, the great beers, fantastic service, and incredible food was mentioned in nearly every 5 star comment. The location has the converted industrial warehouse ambiance that fits right in with the area and the beer. Parking can be difficult on busy days but not impossible, and well worth it.

Gentle Ben’s Brewing Company

This is one of the original craft brew locations in the city of Tucson. They’ve been in business since 1971, long before craft brews were a fad. They have a great menu that you can find online at their website or you can download it to your computer or smartphone to always have easy access. Many online reviewers rave about their Mexican food found on the “South of The Brewery”side of the menu. It seems some of the recipes go quite well with micro brewed beer.

Every weekday there is a happy hour, usually from 3PM to 6PM where you’ll find bargains on appetizers, craft beers, and well drinks. That’s probably why you’ll find Ben’s filling up daily around 2:45 PM and staying busy throughout the night. There is online ordering available too, and you can have it delivered right to your door as well.

The craft brewing industry has found a permanent niche among people that will never drink another watered down beer again. They also seem to have some of the best food that you can find anywhere, plus the people that like micro brews are usually some of the best you can find anywhere.